Importance of Treating Gum Recession

Prevent Gum Recession

Your gums may recede for a number of reasons, including periodontal disease, grinding or clenching habits, and hormonal changes. However, there are several things that you can do to prevent gum recession in San Diego, CA, including:

  • Maintaining your cleaning and checkup schedule
  • Visiting your periodontist regularly
  • Refraining from using tobacco products
  • Eating a well-balanced diet
  • Brushing and flossing properly and regularly

A Beautiful Smile

Treatment for Receding Gums in San Diego, CA

What If I Don't Get Treatment?

Gum recession is considered a serious dental issue because it can lead to worsening or new dental problems. Patients who do not seek treatment for their gum disease can expect to experience any number of the following symptoms:
  • Teeth that appear larger or longer than usual
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Tooth decay or cavities 
  • Tooth Loss
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold

Reasons to Seek Treatment for Receding Gums in San Diego, CA

Keeping up with your dental visits and making sure that you are informing your periodontist, Dr. Evelyn T. Huamán and Dr. Jun Flores, of any oral health problems may help to prevent receding gums and other periodontal issues. If you notice any of the effects of gum disease, you must seek treatment as soon as possible. Gum recession is just one of the symptoms of gum disease and could be an indication that periodontal disease is progressing and attachment loss is occurring. Since the gums act as a barrier between the root of the tooth and bacteria, you need to maintain healthy gums throughout your lifetime.

Some of the key reasons to seek treatment from a periodontist include:

  • Prevent loss of attachment 
  • Restore a healthy looking and natural smile
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Lower the risk of infection and bone loss
  • Reduce the risk of deep periodontal pockets and gaps forming between the teeth

Taking good care of your oral health is essential for preventing gum recession and oral health problems such as gum disease. If you are noticing that your gums are receding, you must set up a consultation with your periodontist as soon as possible.

Dr. Huamán and Dr. Flores may recommend gum surgery to treat receding gums and restore your oral health. Set up your consultation for receding gums in San Diego, CA today!