Laser Gum Surgery

Watch the LANAP Laser Procedure

The Stages of LANAP®

LANAP® is a state of the art treatment that can save loose teeth that might otherwise need to be removed. The steps that Dr. Evelyn T. Huamán and Dr. Jun Flores, experienced periodontists in San Diego, CA, uses with this type of laser dentistry procedure include:

  • Pocket Depth Measurement
  • Removal of Bacteria and Diseased Tissue with Laser
  • Removal of Calculus
  • Clot Creation with Laser
  • Compression of Gum Tissue
  • Adjustment of Bite

Laser Gum Treatment in San Diego, CA

Steps Of The LANAP Protocol

Your periodontists, Drs. Huamán and Flores, will perform the following as part of LANAP®:

A) Pocket depth measurement
The first step of laser gum surgery involves measuring the depths of the periodontal pockets with a small ruler. This allows the periodontist to determine how much loss of attachment may have occurred.
B) Bacteria and diseased tissue removal
Your periodontist will use a pulsed laser light to remove diseased tissue from the pockets and kill bacteria that are causing gum disease. Since this is a minimally invasive procedure, you will experience little to no discomfort.
C) Calculus removal
Dr. Huamán and Dr. Flores will use ultrasonic scalers to remove calculus, or tartar, deposits that may have formed under the gum line. Denaturing calculus with the laser and thoroughly removing the deposits in this way is a necessary step before the laser can be passed over the area a second time.
D) Laser application to create a clot
The laser is passed over the bottom of the pocket to stimulate the soft tissue, root, and bone tissue. This creates a sticky seal of blood around the tooth and a stable environment for healing to begin.
E) Compression of gum tissue
The gum tissue can then be recompressed against the surface of the tooth and no stitches are necessary.
F) Bite adjustment
Drs. Huamán and Flores may need to adjust your bite to make sure that any misalignment is corrected and that there is no excessive pressure on any tooth. This is especially important for patients with significant bone loss.

LANAP® with Drs. Huamán and Flores can be an effective method for treating your moderate to severe periodontal disease. For more information about this laser gum treatment in San Diego, CA, schedule your consultation with our periodontists today!