Canine Exposure

Canine Exposure in San Diego, CA

Why Do I Need This?

Canine teeth are important to maintain proper bite and to maintain proper function when chewing. They are also esthetically important to the look of the smile so we recommend canine exposure when the canines do not come in as expected. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to ensure the rest of the teeth are able to emerge in the correct position. In conjunction with early orthodontics, canine exposure helps keep the bite healthy for life!

Canine Exposure in San Diego, CA

Occasionally, certain permanent teeth will fail to erupt in a timely manner. This is especially true of the canine teeth. This can be particularly problematic when the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment as the treatment cannot be completed without all permanent teeth present. Our office often works in conjunction with an orthodontist to help speed up completion of braces through canine exposure surgery.

The Procedure

Canine exposure is performed under a local anesthetic. A small incision is then made over the position of the tooth and the gum tissue is reflected to expose the tooth. Any bone that may be blocking the pathway of eruption is removed and an orthodontic bracket may then be placed on the tooth. The area is typically allowed to heal for two to three weeks prior to the continuation of orthodontic treatment.

Canine exposure surgery allows the tooth to be positioned through orthodontics to ensure that the patient’s smile is straight and properly aligned.